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A dietetic feed supplement in case of digestive disturbances or diarrhoea.


Biopect is an economical, efficient and well-proven anti-diarrhoeal for calves or other young animals (piglets, lamb, goats, foals).

It is applied in case of risk of, or during periods of digestive disturbance (diarrhoea), and is also a good supplement to antibiotic treatment.

Biopect contains a broad range of special, biologically active vegetable fibres each of which has specific properties in relation to digestive disturbances. Its effect is based on the synergy between these fibres, electrolytes and glucose, which altogether make the product very effective and quick-acting, thereby quickly restoring the natural balance of the intestinal flora, stabilizing the balance of water, electrolytes and providing energy.

Biopect is specially formulated to allow admixture into milk or milk replacer. In that way, weight loss due to diarrhoea will be minimized.

Not for use in organic production.

Biopect is covered by patent No. EP 0641236.

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